Frequently asked questions 

General Questions

Which country will I be going to?

The project country for each student will be assigned by the Learning Express (LeX) Management Team. No preference or choice will be considered.

Will I be eligible for the programme if I am not able to attend the mass briefing?

Absolutely! However, the briefing will give you much information and your peers will share their experience with you.

Meals Provided

Local meals with authentic flavour will be provided. Due to local constraints, special dietary concerns may not specifically be catered. For example, halal option is not available on LeX programmes (except Indonesia). Vegetarian/seafood will be provided. 

During the trip, students are encouraged to inquire about the food provided before consumption as the student himself/herself is most aware of his/her dietary requirements. 

Students with special needs may like to supplement their local diet with self-purchased food (locally or from Singapore).

Travel Insurance

Student travel insurance is provided for all students who attend the programme. In general, students are required to pay for all medical costs by themselves, and seek reimbursement upon returning from the trip. Full information on the travel insurance may be found in the BB>OSIP>Trip Resources>Programme Support/Info. 

Incidental Costs
While the programme is subsidised (Singapore citizens and permanent residents), students are expected to pay approximately $100 for the programme. For example, vaccination cost, some of the meal costs, culture programmes, airport/terminal taxes if not included in the air ticket, etc.

LeX Funding

How much do I have to pay for the programme?

For Singapore Citizens (SC), full grant is provided.
For Singapore permanent residents (SPR), 75% grant is provided and you will need to pay S$250
For non-SC and non-SPR, grant is not provided and you will need to pay S$1000.

In addition, there will be a 10% out-of-pocket expenses of about $100 to be borne by every participant. It covers items such as pre-trip vaccination cost (tetanus and typhoid vaccination is compulsory), 2 to 3 meals that are not provided and weekend excursions during the trip.

Can I apply for SPOP grant in future if I receive the LeX funding?

You will still be eligible for Singapore Polytechnic Overseas Programme (SPOP/GLO) grant. These two funds are separately administered.

Application Process

When will I know if I am successful in my application?

There are 2 batches of trips, one in Mar/Apr 2017 and the other in Sep/Oct 2017. If you are eligible for trips in Mar/Apr 2017 (those doing SIP in Sem 1, AY17/18), you will be notified by January 2017. For students who are eligible for trips in Sep/Oct 2017 (those doing SIP in Sem 2, AY17/18), you will be notified in June 2017. 

Selection Criteria and Module Related Questions

Student Selection Process
LeX is a programme that is available to all students who are keen to complete thier GenEd module (LC8003 SIP in Year 2) in an overseas environment. Hence, any students may apply for the programme. Students are selected based on balloting (if response is overwhelming) and subsequent selection is based on the recommendation by the lecturer nominated by the student. GPA of a student is not a criteria in the selection process. However, good conduct and attitude and responsibility are we look for. 

What is the relationship between Social Innovation Project (SIP) / Overseas Social Innovation Project (OSIP) and Learning Express?

SIP (LC8003) is a compulsory module for all SP Year 2 students and you have a choice of doing it in an overseas setting. The name of this overseas programme is Learning Express while OSIP (LC8006) is the module you will be taking on this programme. Similar to SIP, it is a 2-credit module with assessments.

Who will be my team members?

Team members of each group is multi-disciplinary, consisting of students from different diplomas.