Engaging Youth Leaders
Name of village: Barangay Carmen
Location: Social Integration - Engaging youths

Partners: Students from Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST)

Stakeholders: Barangay Carmen Leaders, Youth Leaders, the people & the community

Background, Objective, Goal and Target Users of Project:

Barangay Carmen is the biggest barangay in Cagayan De Oro and inhabited by over 70,000 people. There are about 13,000 households and in 73 zones. However, only 50% of youth leaders in 13 districts involve themselves in community projects to help its people.

We had to engage youth leaders to unite the youth of Carmen to be be involved and engaged in community projects.

Proposed Technology/Business Solution: The rewards system

We first came out with 2 personas, Passionate Pedro and Woeful William. Passionate Pedro is the youth and woeful william is the person who will benefit from Pedro's activities

Creatively cut cups ala key chain with inspirational messages

Our solution then is to help youth leaders to engage youths to take part in community projects to help Woeful William. We came up with a reward system where youths would be rewarded. The outline of the reward system is in the Fig Project 1 sheet. It is basically a system where youths would be rewarded and recognized for every activity that they take part in. In our system, an hour of participation is worth one point. There will then be 2 different types of point accumulation, R-points and T-points. R-points is where the accumulated points can be exchanged for vouchers (and then deducted), whereas T points will be accumated and determines their membership. T-shirts, certificates, and badges will be awarded for being a member in a different tier. This is to encourage the youth to spur them on and provide them with the recognition and appreciation. We also came up with a slogan for the youth, so that they would feel a sense of belonging as well as to take ownership of their involvement and engagement in the community. Different media platforms will be used to disseminate information to both the youth and people who need assistance. These campaigns or advertisements will be put on Trisikads (bikes with sidecars) and the youth will be able to use these trisikads to reach out to the needy people, and also brand and advertise their organisation and events at the same time.

We also thought of the activities which Passionate Pedro can come up with to help Woeful William. Our idea is "Recycle for trash" where scavengers could make use

Starbucks cups and covers as chandeliers or lanterns

According to the students and local failitators, it is relatively easy to get sponsorships from SM (biggest department store there), to support our rewards system. The youth will also be able to participate and accumulate points and that would encourage them to continue to participate in community activities. The reward system is also robust, as we have calculated, and the system cannot be exploited.

Carmen's Councilors and Youth Leaders are well-educated and could continue these initiatives alongside the assistance of youth volunteers particularly the students of MUST.

Trisikads that will deliver messages to those with no digital connection
This was also picked by the Barangay Leaders to be mementos for visitors as well as giveaways
The Barangay Leaders are convinced that this could be a way to also brand their zones (white and yellow Trisikads)