Once Upon A Bricky Time... (a story we know we'll never forget) Pt. 2
Name of village: Gonjen Village

*continued from part 1...*

Reflection phase:
Each of us went to ask our own buddy (after the trip) how they would summarise their entire experience using one word or more. The following are their responses.

“My experience during did LEX Program is my first time and it is wonderful. I can learnt many things throughout this program, such as how to make prototypes, how to come up with a persona, how to make need statement, and etc. Also, i got to make many new friends there. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to join this LEX programme.”­ - Helen

“Joining LeX program is one of the most unforgettable moment for me. It also once in a lifetime experience for me. I get to meet amazing new people. Meeting you for the first time and talking about books and we just clicked! I experience something that I've never experienced before which is helping the brick makers with you guys. I also have good times with you guys. From staying in the village, doing the design thinking together, performing at the ICF, going to lava tour and prambanan and taking a bunch of pictures together!!! So yeah, it was such an amazing experience for me.”­ - Wulinda

“Amazing experience.”­ - Isti
“Participated in LeX Program is one of the best experience in life. It is not only how to learn theoretically but also practically, in which means by that way we can contribute ourselves more to the community by showing our real actions to them and this LeX is one of the pathway to implement that. On the other hand, become one of the participant in LeX was also made us meeting new friends, learn new cultures, receiving a lot of ideas from different minds and experience new things that we never had before.. In conclusion, It was really grateful to had a chance to participate in this LeX program..”­ - Dinda

“During LeX i have so many incredible thing and amazing learning that i ever feel in my life. We're supporting each other, appreciating each other, and the most unforgettable thing is we're compete to be a leader and also learning about leadership..We also try to do a actual contribution in society during our stay in the village. We observe directly, we find solution from them and we also take the suggestion from society to improve the prototypes.. I also do anything for the first time, like go to the Lava tour, eating pizza and walking in the mall for a whole day, and that is so 'wow, i am so tired walking around in the mall for a whole day' .. But in the other hand, i am so enjoying this program and i hope i can meet with the wolfpack of brickmakers again..” - ­Sulis

“For me, joining Lex program is one of the best experience for me. It also once in a lifetime experience for me. I get to meet amazing new people. Meeting you for the first time and not talking much because my english is not good, but actually i'm very enjoy this program. I also have good times with you guys. From staying in the village, thinking together, making our prototype, performing at the ICF, going to lava tour and prambanan. So, it was an amazing experience for me.”­ - Dwi

“Starting from follow Lex, I find a lot of things, not just out of your comfort zone but I find the new environment, a new culture. Learning to understand and learn.”­ - Soraya

“When i signed up for the LeX journey, I felt very skeptical about it. I was not sure if I wanted to attend the trip, and my mind kept swaying back and forth. As an introvert, I dislike the idea of making new friends although I like having many friends. It is the feeling of awkwardness that bothers me, thus it got me wondering if I would regret registering for the trip. When I first met my groupmates, they looked really odd to me, from Dave’s hair bun to Meng Hong’s funny personality. However, I knew I had to overlook any problems there were as I would be with them for the following 2 weeks. Soon, our friendships blossomed during the trip and we were as close as siblings­ having fun the whole time and even opening up to one another. I feel that which it was one of the best things that has happened to me in my life. Knowing my groupmates were more than all work but the friendship we forged together is unbreakable and it will continue to be, even after the trip. Applying for the LeX trip was one of the best decision in my life. I would regret big time if I had not applied for if I did not attend this trip, I would not have met these people whom I love dearly.” ­- Branson

“Through this LeX journey, we have learnt way more than we could have in any two weeks we spent in Singapore. Firstly, the spirits of our buddies are commendable. Despite having to balance school and this programme together, they did not even mention a word of complain. Instead, they faced us with bright smiles and worked with all their heart in everything that they did. These positive, resilient and persevering attitudes of theirs have tugged on each and every one of our heartstrings. They inspired us to continue facing everything with fortitude and courage, and reminded us that patience and acceptance are virtues that we should not throw away no matter how tough the situation is.

Also, we had the opportunity to make good use of our five senses to not only know more about Yogyakarta but also understand the people there and their practices. Yes, we could have easily searched for these information online but that would not only be an insult to them by obtaining the knowledge through such an effortless method, it would also defeat the true purpose of learning. What better way is there to learn than being there and then yourself, experiencing everything rightup to your fingertips? That, I feel, is the only way we can truly empathise and form a connection with as many things and people as we can. The open space and fresh environment that this learning programme has provided us with did not only make us see further and wider in perspective, but also provided us with a platform to learn more about ourselves and fall in love with learning all over again.
With the new but strong bonds that we forged within ourselves and between our buddies, we were even more motivated to continue learning more about them and the world that they live in. In such an ever­changing society like today, it is pivotal for each and every one of us to continue learning and improving ourselves. This experience has taught me that even as we are observing, we are learning. We would constantly be learning, so long as we keep our mind open and face everything with the curiosity of a child. We also learnt to accept our strengths and use it to help the team move forward, embrace our weaknesses and seek improvements, and conquer our fears by facing them head on. And that, is how a single LeX journey has transformed each and every one of us, be it through the valuable experiences we have gained together or the close bonds we have forged which surpassed even international barriers.” - ­Veron

Authors: Branson Tian Juen Hao & Veron Ker Hui Min
~The End~