Name of village:

Name of College: Cebu Normal University
Location: Osmeña Blvd, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu, Philippines

I joined this programme because I wanted to learn and explore more about the world, for instance, the problem they face and how can we help them. At first, my heart was filled with curiosity and fear because I wondered about the type of product we would be producing in the end. In addition, I also thought of the kind of people whom we would be working with, whether if we can get along with them. I hope that we will be able to solve their problem and my wish is to see our product being being useful and recognized. My only mindset was to just help as much as I can to the group. My group was a very well-organized group. Our facilitator looked very friendly and funny. Despite his age, he looked like he was one of us. Working together with him and rest of my friendly group mates, I started to open up to them. The Design thinking training really taught me a lot of new things which I had never learned and experienced before. The learning journey was an unforgettable trip.
Many Philippines college students are having a hard time in studying. Due to this reason, some of them lost interest in studies. The environment of the boarding house which they were staying at was bad and there was a limited space. They also did not have a lot of technologies to use to study. Despite that, the college students were used to it.
Issues and Problems:

Based on their empathy study, the team has established the following key insights:

1. Down sides of commitments
2. Varying discouragement
3. Superstitious belief
4. Excellent results
5. Lack of time management
6. Usefulness of the technology
7. Unmet goals
8. Diverse motivations
9. Isolated studying
10. Unfavorable study location
Need statement:
Based on the insights, the team has established a few need statements and narrowed down to the following:
1. I need to minimize being distracted.
2. I need to be motivated to achieve my goals.
3. I need to meet my goals.
Problem statement:
Based on need statement, the team has established the following statement:
I need to be motivated and have a culture that minimizes me being distracted in order to reach my goals.

Solution and prototype:

After much discussions and thought, the final idea was chosen. The name was ‘Bingoals’. So, this is how it is played. Teachers would conduct a target setting session with students. Students would then fill in 25 goals, 5 for each category. Upon writing their goals, students would try to achieve them and for each achievement, a sticker would be issued. Once a row (vertical/horizontal/diagonal) is formed, a certificate of recognition would be awarded to the students at the end of the academic year. For students who did not managed to get a line, a quote would be given instead, to encourage them to work harder for the next round of BINGOALS.

After doing the prototype, we were ready for the co-creation with the CNU students to get user feedback and improvements we can make on the product. A gallery walk was done at the last stage to get more feedback from the CNU Vice President and teachers, so as to further improve our ideas.

Through this program, we got to meet new people and learn new things. With all the things we learnt here, we would not be able to do so in Singapore. From the trip, I have learn that in order to build a good team, we need to have communication, teamwork, help each other and planning among team members.
When we first came, we were just strangers and did not know each other very well. But along the days, we became more open to each other. We played, laughed and cried together. The lecturers from SP, CNU were so friendly and treated us like friends. Towards the end of the trip, we became more than buddies. Without them, I think that this trip would not be as fun and memorable for me.

It might be just a short two weeks, but the memories we had from this trip will never be forgotten. Through these 14 days, we have created a bond which allows us to become one big family. We went through alot together as a team and family, helping each other.
Written by: Boon Seng